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Andrew Wiebe

Chief Climate Scientist

Andrew is an atmospheric scientist with 20 years of experience in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. His core fields of expertise are boundary layer meteorology, numerical weather prediction, operational forecasting, dispersion modeling, industrial emission inventories, statistical analysis, climate analytics and climate change research. He has extensive experience in high-performance computing infrastructures and emergent internet technologies that take advantage of the vast amounts of data produced by satellites, monitoring networks, and model output. He is passionate about integrating meteorology and climate- related data into decision support systems, management tools and early warning systems. Andrew has worked with various stakeholders including government ministries, community groups and industry representatives, bringing a robust scientific rigor and ethics to every interaction. Andrew is a current member of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanic Society and the former chairperson of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanic Society – Queensland. He has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and presented at numerous conference proceedings in the fields of Air Quality, Meteorology, Climate Science and Climate Adaptation.