Climate Risk Labs in Collabortion with CLIMATEWISDOM™ – a Platform that identifies and quantifies the PHYSICAL, INVESTMENT, TRANSITION,   CARBON, CREDIT AND GOVERNANCE Risks from Climate Change in order to help Regulators, Governments, Institutions, Asset Managers and Corporations measure potential impacts and opportunities.

How does ClimateWisdom™ help Climate Risk Labs?

Riskthinking.AI’s sophisticated data exchange combines climate science, economics, artificial intelligence, data science, and software to provide the most comprehensive climate risk data and analytics platform available – ClimateWisdom™.

Using a unique classification standard, ClimateWisdom™ aligns 100,000+ datasets to the entire surface of Earth for every period from 1850 to 2100. The data is updated weekly using artificial intelligence, which has the capacity to read and interpret over 250,000 scientific articles weekly. ClimateWisdom’s™ analytics account for the full uncertainty of climate change and quantifies physical and transition risks in a consistent manner.

In ClimateWisdom™, all data is traceable, all analytics are transparent, and everything is accessible via API. Therefore, it is regulator ready. This world leading data and analytics platform is made available to our Climate Risk Lab partners.