About Us

We build partnerships with Research Institutions, Universities and Communities of Experts

Our Mission

Climate Risk Labs is a nonprofit focused on the existential threat of climate change. Our mission is to use science and research to gain a better understanding of the future impact of climate change and to build solutions that can lower carbon emissions and have a positive impact on the global community.

We do this by serving as a conduit for experts to collaborate across the globe and by giving Researchers access to the data, tools and financial support needed to conduct groundbreaking experiments and studies. Our goal is to combine technical analysis and effective advocacy to identify the risks and opportunities of climate change, and to accelerate the development of practical clean energy solutions.

Our teaM

We Value Science, Transparency and Accountability.

We work hard to improve the human condition and to help communities build resilience by improving the understanding of the Environmental, Social and Financial Risks of Climate Change. We focus on building partnerships that can enhance Clean Energy solutions.


We Partner to
Accelerate Change​

In addition to Universities and Institutions, Climate Risk Labs partners with regulators, governments, multinational corporations, financial institutions, and small businesses to solve previously unsolvable clean energy and climate related challenges. Our Partners span the globe and share our commitment to collaborate to bring positive change.